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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


SNV Elite Solutions (OPC), Pvt. Ltd. was born from a passion for assisting startups, small businesses, and mid-sized companies in the dynamic world of the Recruitment Industry. Our mission is to provide innovative and efficient virtual services through a harmonious fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge AI technology.

We specialize in offering professionally managed virtual employees to organizations across the United States, as well as those situated in the UAE, UK, and Australia. Our diverse and skilled virtual team is dedicated to delivering precisely what our clients require, always upholding the highest standards of quality and swift delivery.

How we assist

Our RPO service brings wide access to popular recruiting job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and many more. We deliver visible results that take you steadily towards your goal. We do this by partnering with you, understanding your needs and approaches, and delivering smart solutions. Our qualified and experienced team of virtual offshore are dedicated towards meeting your specific challenges in a collaborative environment. Their meticulousness, knowledge, and motivation ensure that they deliver the best.


Why us

SNV Elite is the Best RPO Company and a one-stop solution to recruitment process outsourcing, known to be the backbone of this industry. Our team of industry experts helps clients step up their recruitment game by improving processes and training recruiters. We form strategic partnerships with our clients, bringing them increased flexibility, scalability, and performance.

What we do

You Have a Lot on Your Plate

Virtual Assistants Take the Burden off Your Shoulders

  • Resume Sourcing

  • Job Posting

  • Database Building

  • Candidates Pipeline

  • ATS Management

  • Contact Extraction

  • Head Hunting

  • Initial Communication

  • Pre-Screening Calls

  • Email Marketing

  • Scheduling Calls

  • Business Development

Tools we use

"We Would Love to Help You Beat The Competition By Leveraging You With Our Services."

Reduce upto 70% of your costs with SNV Elite Solutions

  • Start your 3 days Free Trial.

  • Get your work done FIRST.

  • Continue, if you are satisfied.

  • Hire the same resource for your custom needs.

  • No contracts, no credit card needed to get started.

We Are Just A Call Away
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